Preventative Care – Physicals & Well Child Visits

This type of visit is the backbone of primary care. In these visits we review each patient’s individual risk factors for illnesses that are preventable. We try to find problems before they become a problem.

Children: In well child visits we look at a multitude of factors that influence your child’s growth and development. We’ll discuss eating habits and nutrition, height and weight, behavioral and developmental milestones, and safety issues.We try to anticipate many common problems that face children as they transition through each new phase of life. We recommend children receive these comprehensive evaluations following national guidelines. The first of these visits should be a couple days after coming home from the hospital after birth. Immunizations are administered at these visits as well.

Adults: In adult complete physicals we focus on healthy lifestyle habits as well as screening tests for common diseases. We complete a head to toe evaluation and a complete review of worrisome symptoms. We evaluate your risk for common illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes at these visits. Early detection, or better yet, prevention is the best policy. Immunizations are administered at these visits also. We ask every adult to have a complete physical every year. A large part of this visit will be reviewing fasting blood work. It is best to come a week early and obtain this standard blood work but you are welcome to have that blood draw the day of the visit. Please come fasting if you are going to have the blood draw the day of the visit. Since these visits are comprehensive in nature it is sometimes difficult to additionally address new problems in the time provided. Therefore, we will occasionally ask that another visit is scheduled to properly address your new concerns fully.

New Problem Visits

These visits are focused on new symptoms or concerns that you have. They are geared to diagnose and treat the underlying problem for your symptoms.

Chronic Disease Management

This type of visit is designed to focus on managing your chronic health condition. Some examples might be diabetes or blood pressure management. We focus our questions and evaluation on the treatment and control of that illness and the complications that come from it. We try to anticipate common problems that arise from these illness and prevent them.