Many of our patients are on a slew of supplements for which they have spent a pretty penny and while some supplements have their place in health; they can’t make up for a poor diet.

There are many parts of overall health:

(healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep, supplements when necessary, stress reduction, etc.).


We tend to focus on our strongest areas of health and shy away from the others.  Your health is only as strong as the weakest link.  For me, it’s the exercise thing. I know that exercise  is important and vital to good health (I preach it every single day in the office!!).  But… I would not miss my 8 hours of sleep per night.  It is much easier for me to tweak our menus and simplify our outside commitments to reduce stress than to exercise.

I have seen hundreds of patients who do great with the diet, supplements, and even exercise but have trouble reducing stress or getting enough sleep.  Some spend hundreds of dollars on supplements each month but can’t afford “real, whole” foods and still purchase processed snacks.

Now.. I do think there are certainly areas that carry more weight than others, but all  of the links are important.  I have patients who run marathons but can’t lose weight because their insulin levels are so high and their body is in storage mode.  We work to drive down insulin levels through their food choices.


You can’t…

  • out supplement (or medicate) a bad diet
  • out diet lack of sleep
  • out sleep too much stress
  • out exercise a bad diet
  • out supplement too much stress
  • out exercise too much stress (although it does reduce stress:)
  • out supplement (or medicate) too much stress
  • ….. you get the point! 🙂


For the next 90 days, challenge yourself to focus on your weakest link and set goals and work to improve it.  This could mean making the jump to a real food, low carb diet as appropriate, regular exercise, scheduling your complete physical exam and having your Vitamin D levels checked, evaluating your priorities and saying “no” to reduce stress, making an appointment with our biblical counselors, or committing to an 15-30 minute earlier bed time or a “screen free zone” in your bedroom.

We can help you discuss all of these areas and make a plan: Nutritional counseling with a nurse practitioner, evaluating common barriers and developing an exercise plan with our wellness nurse at VitalSigns, meeting with our biblical counselors to discuss areas of stress, anxiety, and depression in your life,  scheduling a complete physical exam.

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