What is a “Wellness Nurse”?

Have you experienced this before?

At your yearly medical appointment, lab work reveals a high glucose and triglyceride level. A prescription for lifestyle changes is given and you are instructed to return in 3 months for repeat lab work. A caution is given: if lab values do not improve, you will require medication. As you leave the office, you are thinking:

  • “I have 5 kids, a husband, and a dog—how can I POSSIBLY find anytime to exercise?”
  • “My job requires that I travel 5 days per week—it is impossible to eat healthy on the road!”
  • “I’ve have a bad knees, exercise is not for me.”
  •  “My life is so stressful—how can I add anything else to my plate?”

This is where a Wellness Nurse comes in. Trinity physicians are serious about helping their patients be successful at making healthy lifestyle changes. That is why they created a network of resources to help their patients including:

  • Wellness Providers (Nurse Practitioner’s, & Physician’s Assistants)
  • Complete fitness center staffed with wellness specialists (Vital Signs)
  • Wellness Nurse

 The Wellness Nurse assists patients in life application of the prescribed healthy behaviors. A registered nurse and certified personal trainer, her role is to help patients:

  • Establish, maintain exercise
  • select, locate, prepare affordable healthy food
  • assist the patient to identify any  obstacles that stand in the way of becoming healthier & develop a plan to address these obstacles
  • provide accountability

 If you are struggling with making positive life changes, your physician may recommend scheduling an appointment. You may also call to make an appointment yourself—a physician’s referral is not necessary.  This service is also available for non-Trinity patients. Appointments are available in both our Maryville office and our fitness center in Hardin Valley. Trinity looks forward to providing you with this new service.


Call 865-249-7566 to schedule today!