I bet my family isn’t the only family that is always looking for a quick but healthy dinner that all of us enjoy.

We recently came across a delicious, preservative free chicken sausage from Aidells. It has become a go to favorite for all of us. It comes fully cooked so all we need to do is heat it up depending on the dish. At Costco a pack of 15 sells for $13.49. That’s about $0.90 per sausage.

We’ve used this as a hotdog substitute, packed it in the kid’s school lunches, and even taken it as a high protein fuel while hiking.

Our newest rendition involves dicing it and sautéing it with mushrooms in Kerrygold butter. Once the sausage is heated up we melt some coconut oil in the pan then pour it all on a bed of shredded romaine lettuce. It is finished by topping it off with mozzarella cubes and salt to taste.

The coconut oil goes great with the sweetness of the apple in the sausage and no other dressing is needed. This dish refrigerates well (if there are leftovers) and is very filling.

There are 2 grams of net carbs per sausage and 0.5 gram of net carbs per medium sized mushroom used. Of course the butter and oil contribute no carbs while the mozzarella only adds 1 gram per ounce of net carbs and 2 cups of the lettuce is only 1 gram of net carbs. My typical serving is only 5.5 grams of net carbs.

In a recent experiment where I monitored my blood sugar levels every five minutes for seven days (more on that in another post) this meal never raised my blood sugar above 99 mg/dL. Imagine that, a completely satisfying and nutritious meal that doesn’t raise my blood sugar AND my kids will eat it. Well, they still pick out the mushrooms.