Ever wonder why so many experts say the brain requires carbohydrates to live? Here’s the simple story behind that oft quoted “130 grams of glucose per day”.
Even though the 130 gram number probably isn’t the whole story, what still amazes me is that we are created with the ability to generate any needed glucose through the liver’s role in gluconeogenesis. That word means just like it reads. Glucose made new out of more basic stuff; seemingly out of nothing. We have the ability to generate all the glucose our brain and body will ever need. Gluconeogenesis can produce about 200-250 grams of glucose per day in the adult male. Therefore, we have no need to ever eat another carbohydrate again. Not that we have to never eat carbs just that we have the ability.
Given that we have the ability to survive and thrive on any level of intake of carbs in our diet, the question then becomes “How many carbs are optimal?” “What amount of carbohydrate intake makes me healthiest?”
That’s a very interesting question. If you’d like to know exactly how many carbs you should eat to be your healthiest you ever, give us a call at 539-0270 and set up a Medical Nutrition Management visit. We will determine your number, outline a specific game plan for your best health, and follow along with you step by step. At these one-on-one visits we have had thousands of pounds of documented weight loss, hundreds of medications stopped as they were no longer necessary, and reversal of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Come join the healthcare revolution and see just how healthy you can be!