sleeping on a benchSleep apnea is an under recognized contributor to heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and depression.  Most individuals cannot tell if they have sleep apnea themselves other than maybe constantly feeling tired or falling asleep accidentally while sitting still.  Sometimes spouses are ‘kind’ enough to disclose their partner’s sleep habits (or even video it for their own nefarious purposes).

Sleep studies are a simple and effective means to diagnose sleep apnea and disordered breathing.  In years past this meant a one to three night stay in the hospital with an associated $3000 per night bill.  Now we have reliable home testing equipment.  The latest guidelines validate that home testing is an appropriate method for many patients.

Cleveland Clinic Sleep Study Guidelines

Trinity Medical Associates has had a partnership with a sleep study company that offers our patients a clear upfront price of $250 for three nights of home study.  They are happy to process the claim with a patient’s insurance company who may pay for some or all of the test depending on the policy.  However, the maximum out of pocket cost for any patient regardless of insurance coverage is only $250.  That is a great bargain when compared to in hospital testing for a single night.

If you are interested in discussing poor sleep and excessive sleepiness or would like to set up a home sleep study, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.  Sleep is a critical pillar for our best health.  You won’t believe the difference good sleep can make.