Steedman Sarbah, MDOnce a month we set aside time to meet with physicians and specialists in our area to better facilitate communication and referral for our patients.  As an independent primary care practice, we have the ability to utilize any specialist in the area, regardless of hospital or group affiliation, in order to more fully meet the needs of our patients.

This month the physicians and clinical staff of Trinity had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Steedman Sarbah.  Dr. Sarbah specializes in Gastroenterology and has clinical interests in diseases of the liver, inflammatory bowel disease, acid peptic disorders as well as the more common diseases of the intestines and colon cancer screening.

We share a mutual interest in using nutrition as therapy for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD, sometimes referred to as simply fatty liver disease) which, if left untreated, could lead to cirrhosis and liver failure.  It is quickly becoming one of the more common reasons for needing a liver transplant.

If you have had abnormal or high liver enzymes with recent blood work, talk with your physician about how a Medical Nutrition Management office visit or our VitalSigns Launch class might help you reverse your risk of developing fatty liver disease.