boars head delihormelnaturalchoice

Here are some examples of preservative free deli meat:

-Boars Head has a large variety of flavors, typicaly sold at Kroger. Price typically varies from $6-9/lb. depending on flavor.

-Hormel Natural Choice has several flavors, typically sold at Kroger or Wal-mart. Price varies from $3-4.50/8oz. package.

-Sara Leah also sells one that I recently found at Kroger.

Why preservative free meat? There have been some health concerns with nitrates/nirites. Although the research is somewhat divided, there are concerns that they may be linked to inflammation in the body as well as increasing the risk of certain types of cancers. If you consume processed meats (sausage, bacon, deli meat, hot dogs, etc) on a regular basis it is probably worth switch to preservative free. There are many options out there, when you check the label look for “preservative free” “no nitrates/nitrites” “all natural” as these are commonly listed on the front of the package.