Direct Primary Care News

There are lots of important happenings this summer for Trinity’s Direct Primary Care!

  • Tennessee’s Health Care Empowerment Act goes into effect July 1st.  We’re very excited to be able to offer Direct Primary Care to all Tennesseans this year.  With this Act, patients covered by Medicaid or TennCare will now be able to take advantage of DPC programs.  Previously, TennCare refused coverage for any services or prescriptions written by a non-contracted physician.  Patients seeking care from a DPC physician would not be eligible to use any of their TennCare insurance benefits.  This law allows for these patients to have TennCare approve and cover orders, prescriptions, and services for which they are already eligible in the normal fashion instead of denying care.  More care equals a healthier Tennessee.

Out of the office dates:  Converting to DPC has been a tremendous challenge but has yielded so many rewards.  One of them is the ability to spend more time with our families free from the burden of bureaucratic paperwork.  Here are the dates we’ll be out of the office this month.

  • Dr. Hone is out the office June 6th through 10th.  Her nurse practitioner, Sherrie Corgan, FNP, will be covering all of the Maryville DPC patients that week.  Dr. McColl will also be available in the Knoxville office if needed.  Dr. Hone will not be checking email while she is out.  Please contact the Maryville office at 982-0835 for any patient needs.
  • Dr. McColl is out of the office June 20th through 24th.  Dr. McColl’s DPC patients may utilize Trinity’s Walk In Clinic that week for urgent needs with visits and services being covered under the same terms as their membership.  Office visits will carry no per visit fee with labs and procedures billed at the usual DPC rate.  Dr. Hone will be available in the Maryville office if needed.  Please contact the main office at 539-0270 for any clinical needs.  Dr. McColl will not be checking email while he is out.
  • As always, DPC patients can contact Mel Moss, DPC coordinator, at 244-1800 for any administrative or billing questions.

Moving on up!  Both DPC offices are hard at work renovating their new office spaces to better serve  DPC patients.

  • Trinity Direct Medical Care, the official name of the new Maryville office, has plans to open the new office during the week of June 13th!  The new location is right down the hill from their other office and is located at 1515 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway.  Patients with appointments scheduled that week will be notified at their appointment reminder of the location change.  Once they are open for business, they will be publishing their new phone and fax numbers.  Until otherwise notified, please continue to use the current number, 982-0835, for any patient needs.
  • Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley is in the home stretch of renovations.  For the next couple of weeks, there will be a flurry of activity on site including exterior painting and stone work, concrete driveway pouring, and even the installation of a new fire hydrant as they look towards opening in July.  For those who haven’t seen the new location please feel free to drive by.  It is located at 10437 Hardin Valley Rd and is 0.5 miles east of the Pellissippi Parkway intersection.  They will be keeping the main DPC number of 244-1800 as the new office number