…in the waiting room because the doctor is running late (again)!

In the DPC model of care, I get to spend more time with each patient.  I don’t have to try and polish my skills at polite interruption because I have other patients waiting.  Instead, each visit is long enough to cover the majority of concerns a patient my have.  If not, we can easily prioritize which concerns to cover and schedule a follow up visit (again, with no per visit fee) to address the rest.  That means I can stay on time virtually all of the time.  Many of my DPC patients don’t even have the chance to sit down in the waiting room before being shown to their room and I’m ready to walk in as soon as they are settled.  I love this model of care and I think my patients do too.  I do feel sad for all the leisure reading my patients will miss out on while waiting in my lobby.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trinity’s Direct Primary Care program, then send me an email at mbmccoll@secure.trinitymedical.net or call my DPC coordinator, Mel Moss, at 244-1800.  We’d love to talk to you more about the program and explain how it can benefit you and your family.  When you’re ready to experience the Direct Primary Care program you can sign up at Trinity Direct Primary Care Sign Up.