Well I finally had a chance to go check out ALDI supermarket this week! Overall, it was a good experience but I had no idea how it worked and looked like a lost puppy I’m sure! Here’s my thoughts and tips if you go there…



  • A quarter. You put a quarter in the cart, shop and then return the cart to get your quarter back. They don’t have strong men to take your cart back for you.
  •  Your own bags. They do  have some bags there if you dont have or forget your own. I used their plastic bags for my meat.
  • Cash, Debit or EBT card. They don’t take credit cards to cut down on processing fees.

Be prepared to bag your own groceries!! After paying, you can move your cart to the bagging area and practice your skills.

What I loved…

  •  Prices! The fruits, veggies, nuts and poultry was awesome! I got a carton of strawberries on special for $0.99! My grocery bill was almost half of what is usually is.
  • Easy to navigate! Only 5-6 lanes so not overwhelming.

What I didn’t love…

  • You must go down the first aisle that is packed with PROCESSED, SUGAR FILLED food! In other grocery stores, you can typically avoid most of this by staying on the outside aisle. This is a nightmare when you have two babes begging for everything on the  aisle  or you are trying to make wise choices and it is thrown in your face right off the bat.
  • BE STRONG!! Turn the corner fast!

Have you been to ALDI? What do you like to get there?