I recently calculated out the cost of standard physical labs for a male patient of ours who had some blood sugar concerns.  These labs totaled over $933 if they had been billed directly to him by the lab company.  Mind you, none of that cost comes from the office visit or the interpretation of those labs.  That price is solely for the having the labs performed.

By cutting out the middle man and all the unnecessary fluff the cost of having those same labs done through our Direct Primary Care program would be $74.  That’s a savings of $859.  The yearly cost of his membership is $720.  By joining the DPC program his discount on labs is large enough to pay for the cost of the membership itself.

But of course the coolest thing of all is that all of his labs are included free with his membership.  So by joining the DPC program he has saved enough money in one set of labs to pay for the membership AND he doesn’t even have to pay for the labs.  It’s like a buy one get one free sale where you’re not required to buy one just get one free!