I recently had the privilege of being asked to participate in a question and answer forum concerning vaccines.  A former patient of mine who has moved out-of-state is an avid blogger at www.amusingmaralee.com.  She covers all types of topics concerning family life, adoption both international and domestic, foster parenting, and in general raising your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  She is a wonderfully gracious person and blog host.

I’ve posted the links to her different posts below for those that are interested.  As she says better than most, this definitely is a sensitive topic.  Sometimes friendships can be strained when we so strongly disagree.  So comments for these posts are going to be limited to preserve the peace.  As a practice if you have questions about vaccines and our vaccination policy I’d encourage you to bring them up at your visit.  Trying to work through them in a blog comment section isn’t a good idea.  Remember these blogs are for informational and educational use.  We’re not making medical recommendations here except in the general sense.  Nothing specific is intended.  I hope it is informative for you and that you see why we ultimately have developed the vaccine policy that we have as a practice.

The first two posts are from Maralee with her own thoughts on vaccines.

Vaccines- My Introductory Thoughts

Vaccines- Who Do You Trust?

These next eight posts are where I answer reader submitted questions.

Vaccination Guest Post: Did I vaccinate my kids?

Vaccination Guest Post: Ethics and Parental Rights

Vaccination Guest Post: Is there value in delaying?

Vaccination Guest Post: Whopping cough outbreak and kids with special considerations

Vaccination Guest Post: Specific vaccines and their effectiveness

Vaccination Guest Post: The flu shot

Vaccination Guest Post: What’s in our vaccines and is it causing autism?

Vaccination Guest Post: Doctor compensation and adoption issues

This last post is Maralee’s summary thoughts.

Vaccinations summary- What you do for the least of these