Yesterday afternoon we launched our celebration wall.  We have four different boards celebrating the different types of success seen when people change their lifestyle and nutritional habits.

The four boards are:

  1. Normal Numbers: People who have achieved normal blood sugars, blood pressure or cholesterol through lifestyle changes.
  2. Less of me equals more of me:  People who have lost 10 lbs through lifestyle changes.
  3. I’m not a problem: People that have resolved a diagnosis through lifestyle changes.
  4. One less medicine: People who have been able to stop using a medication due to health improvement through lifestyle changes.

We invite our patients to sign their names or initials to celebrate the success they’ve had.  It stands as a reminder and an encouragement to everyone moving towards their own success.

So far today we celebrate 170lbs of weight loss and we haven’t even had our afternoon clinic!

If you want help along your journey please give us a call and we’ll be glad to get you an appointment with our Nutritional Counselors or our Wellness Nurse.