One of my favorite truisms reads “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

I love the idea that when you take several individual ropes and weave them together you can get a stronger rope. As a practice we’ve used this proverb as one of the principles of treatment. We seek to partner with our patients to achieve your health goals.

We know too that when people partner together in groups even high goals are achieved. Our VitalSigns programs are designed around this idea. They are groups of 8-10 participants working hard together. They learn together. They coordinate together. They sweat together. They succeed together.

One such group of over 20 people recently completed a 12 week challenge together. They learned about better nutrition and wellness as a group and spurred each other on. Their results are astounding.

  • Together they lost over 350 lbs.
  • Over 70% of participants lost over 15lbs individually.
  • On average 5-6 inches were lost by each participant on both their hips and waists.
  • On average their triglycerides (a marker of metabolic disease) dropped over 40 mg/dL.
  • On average their LDL (a risk factor of cardiovascular disease) dropped over 13 mg/dL.

This is an amazing success. We invite you to participant with us at our VitalSigns facilities and work for your own success story. Consider joining our VitalSigns Core program to team up and win. These classes are taught by our medical staff who are experts in nutrition, exercise, wellness, and team leadership. Call our office at 539-0270 or call the VitalSigns facility directly at 249-7566.