Drs. Heath and Angela Many were Knoxville physicians who gave up their medical careers stateside to follow God’s call upon their lives to serve as teaching physicians at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya.

Dr. Heath Many, a general surgeon, shares in his latest post about being at the point in your life when there is nothing left to do.  When the only thing you can do is be present in the pain and suffering and rely on God to do His will.

However, the only place where we can fully see Christ is when we are stripped of everything.  Only when we realize the frailties of our flesh, the briefness of this world, and the passing of material possessions can we truly see our need for the cross.  And so, very likely, this lady came to know Christ in deeper ways than many of us who have followed Christ for years.  But my role is not to be a judge.  Instead, I am called to be a witness in a time of great need- a need that cannot always be met by modern medicine or years of training.

When there is nothing left to do…