Last week our dispensary passed a big milestone.  Since the opening of our in-office dispensary we have filled over 100,000 prescriptions for our patients.

Our in-office dispensary serves only Trinity patients and only fills prescriptions written by Trinity providers.  This means we have an unparalleled ability to serve our patients.  Darrell, Cheryl, and Crystal get to know our patients and can offer them individual attention.  They are famous for finding coupons to help discount the cost of medications as well as the ability to keep some of those pesky high cost medications cheaper than any local pharmacy.  Did you know that many medications can be purchased cheaper paying out of pocket than many of the copays insurance payment requires?  Darrell can sort that out and is always willing to figure out the best option for you.

Darrell even pioneered the 30 day mail order service.  For those patients who get a monthly supply of medications but don’t want the hassle of using the traditional mail order companies, he arranges for their prescriptions to be mailed to them on an automatic basis every month.  What better way to make sure you get your regular medications than to have them mailed from your doctor’s office directly to your house?

Our dispensary can fill virtually any prescription need you have.   We keep most of the common medications in stock and ready to dispense but can order most other medications to be delivered the next day.  This allows may of our patients who need to start a new medication to try if for 30 days at the lowest possible price while deciding if it is the best choice for them.

If you haven’t ever tried our dispensary stop by with your next prescription and talk to our staff.  They simply are the best around.